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The noxiousness problem of agent of epoxy resin solidify and safety are operated
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Foreign scientific worker thinks, energy problem and solidify agent noxiousness are epoxy resin application in cannot two evasive problems. Accordingly, take the research of solidify agent noxiousness seriously very, research is put in solidify agent mainly on the test of toxicological data, it is main goal with index of LD50 of half deadly quantity among them. Alleged half deadly quantity, it is pair of animal groups (like a flock of white rat) Liu of 50% deadly medicines and chemical reagents are measured, the unit that uses Mg/kg will express. This is the acute noxiousness data that represents solidify agent. Additional, still have subacute test (need 90 days only then get a result) with chronic noxiousness experiment (need 2a only then get a result) data.

One, the noxiousness action of solidify agent

The physics of solidify agent, chemistry, very big to the influence of noxiousness. For instance solidify agent is liquid state or solid state, its noxiousness motive is different, solid state is added easily on the skin, and the presence that liquid state has vapour pressure. Generally speaking, the chemical active of solidify agent is big, criterion its biology qualitative active is strong also, easy cause harm, become the law it seems that. The noxiousness expression of solidify agent is in the following respects.
1, acute noxiousness. Use LD50 to express commonly. Noxiousness of amine solidify agent is stronger. Most organic much amine stimulates deadly LD50 value to be steam chroma about to mice respiratory tract 1000 ~ 12000ug/g, reveal time 4 ~ 6h. The excitant amine comparing father's younger brother of uncle amine, intermediate amine is strong, balmy amine noxiousness is bigger than adipose amine. Be like a benzene the noxiousness of 2 amine compares 2 ethylene 3 amine noxiousness is 10 times stronger. Pyridine, piperazine can cause the loss of liver and kidney, have bigger systemic noxiousness. Acid anhydride kind solidify medicine is easy cause dermatitis, and classics mouth noxiousness is smaller.   

2, the stimulative effect to the skin, mucous membrane. The harm of solidify agent, more important is body is opposite now of the skin and mucous membrane excitant go up. Because amine is organic alkaline, can dissolve Yu Shuihe is adipose, also can be in so cutaneous is adipose in deliquescent, soak, cause dermatitis. Long stimulation, easy bring about extensive to send disease of sexual strong dermatitis, erythema of occurrence drop record, form bleb, craze forms a shape to flake even, as a result at the organization necrotic. The person such as Hine has undertaken detailed research works concerned, its are shown like watch 3-52 place as a result. Because amine is had bigger volatile, exciting eye can cause its steam conjunctivitis, weep and corneal oedema. Long-term contact falls in high concentration limits or higher concentration, also can have apparent stimulative effect to respiratory tract, can cause tracheitis, bronchitic. Acid anhydride kind excitant to cutaneous weaker, but its dust cross-eye and the stimulation of the nose, mucous membrane of the respiratory tract such as larynx are quite strong, can cause bronchitic.   
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