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The cation initator influence to solidify of radiate of epoxy resin electron bea

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Summary: Studied the effect of initator of salt of iodic Piao old man to effect of solidify of radiate of epoxy resin electron beam. In the radiation reaction process of epoxy resin solution, of reaction system cause rate and growth rate to reach maximum quickly, reduce ceaselessly next. Undertake as electron beam radiant, the temperature of epoxy resin system that joins initator achieves the fall after a rise after a peak value with rapidder rate, maintain gradually the value is stabilized in. Initator dosage increases, ply of solidify of epoxy resin radiate and the solidify in photograph parity buy spend the trend that after presenting a kind to rise first, drops.
Keyword: Epoxy resin, electron beam, radiation solidify, initator, solidify is spent

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