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How does the design give the optimal recipe of annulus oxygen adhesive

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Want to devise the optimal recipe of annulus oxygen adhesive, achieve the adhesive bonding performance of a requirement, destroy mechanism with respect to what must understand the conglutinate mechanism of annulus oxygen adhesive and adhesive bonding. Our country already did a large number of research in this respect, offerred a lot of theory, although return the part that is put in a few inadequacy, but already clarified and solved many real problems, drove the development application of annulus oxygen adhesive greatly. About the basic principle that recipe of epoxy resin adhesive designs, should have held the following 3 respects.

One, adhesive rank the relation of property and adhesive bonding function. The function of adhesive has conclusive effect to adhesive bonding function, crucial to the recipe design of adhesive. The function of the sub in contact and bound facing basically depends on the structure of adhesive, function and its solidify course, still wait with the exterior structure of content be stickinged and property of course about. The property of the adhesive that this section discusses is the sub after pointing to solidify and interface layer rank property. The adhesive performance that affects adhesive bonding performance basically has:

(The intensity of 1) adhesive and tenacity. Former the ability that is adhesive resistance outside force, and latter is the capacity that reduces stress concentration, counteractive crackle to expand. The strength that increases adhesive and tenacity are helpful for increasing the adhesive bonding strength of contact.

(The model of 2) adhesive is measured and rupture percentage elongation. Both affects the stress of adhesive bonding connect to distributing. Low standard is measured and tall rupture the adhesive bonding intensity when the adhesive of percentage elongation can raise “ line to suffer force ” greatly. But modular amount is too small, rupture percentage elongation often can reduce cohesion intensity greatly too, instead adhesive bonding intensity is reduced. Affect contrary factor to these two kinds, find them to affect the optimal value below jointly only, ability gets best “ line bears intensity of force ”’ adhesive bonding.

(The stability of 3) adhesive and wear. This is its resistance surroundings (temperature, humidity, ageing, medium is eroded etc) the ability that makes adhesive function deterioration and structure are destroyed. The hear resistance to improving joint, be able to bear or endure ageing resistance, corrosion resistance and sex of sex of damp and hot, on the safe side have conclusive effect. Shear strength (the face gets power) and come off intensity (the line gets power) it is two kinds of function with different property apparently. Former belong to stress category, the ultimate stress that is material (destroy stress) ; The deformation of latter and adhesive can be concerned, belong to energy category, be material rupture can () of work to break. So somebody come off intensity labels tenacity parameter. Zhongweiyi ancestor etc determined sub ply, temperature and test rapidity and come off the relation of intensity, it is OK to discover these parameters conversion, come off the change of the amount of intensity peak and adhesive nods amount to concern in the curve. The hardness of annulus oxygen adhesive, model measures the impact with adhesive bonding function, can divide into 4 area by hardness size: Blame is structural sex adhesive, flexible adhesive, general composition adhesive and heat-resisting adhesive.

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