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Of ATBN modified high temperature resistant the research of annulus oxygen adhes

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Summary: Mast ancient name for a water catltrop an ATBN of? of a mythical bird like the phoenix of Chang of ‰ of  of lane of duty of extensive Zhong Mei) the epoxy resin adhesive that adds pliable but strong, it is better to this glue can issue solidify in room temperature and be had stick receive performance, be able to bear or endure medium function and dielectric protecties, use temperature is - 200 ℃ of 55 ~ , can satisfy high temperature resistant need.

Keyword: Expend adhesive of heat-resisting of; of cold curing of? of Jia children's hair

The development of industry of our country aerospace asks to have the adhesive of cold curing heat-resisting of form a complete set. Breed of domestic this side basically has the SY series of academy of Beijing aviation material, dawn turns the DG set of labour courtyard, heilongjiang visits the J set of petrifaction courtyard. This literary grace regards the main body of adhesive as colophony with mixture epoxy resin, carry balata of amine radical fourth nitrile with a kind (ATBN) the epoxy resin that add pliable but strong, choose polyamide kind solidify agent and accelerant of amine of father's younger brother, developed adhesive of heat-resisting of a kind of cold curing, its stick receive strength, be able to bear or endure medium sex, hear resistance, dielectric protecties all better the technical requirement that satisfies some project.

1 experiment part

1.1 raw material
Epoxy resin E 51, AG of epoxy resin of the; that do not have stannum 80, shanghai; polyamide kind solidify agent 315, ATBN of Shanghai; flexibilizer, entrance; accelerant S 1, abstain pink of; titanium white, tianjin.
1.2 stick the preparation that receives sample
Normal temperature cuts sample to use T i 4 V of 6 AL titanium alloy, 200 ℃ cut sample to use LY 12 CZ aluminium alloy, test piece surface all classics gush sand preparation, solidify condition is 25 ℃ ×7 d or 80 ℃ ×4 h .
1.3 function check
Shear strength, GB / T 7124-1986; working life, GB / T 7123.1-2002; is able to bear or endure medium sex, OCT 180517-83; insulating properties, GB 10064-88.

2 results and discuss

The research of 2.1 adhesive recipe
To satisfy adhesive but cold curing heat-resisting the requirement of 200 ℃ , use tall functionality epoxy resin and double phenolic A epoxy resin to mix, composition mixes epoxy resin, the; of main body colophony that serves as adhesive is chosen contain end amine radical active is luscious ATBN of round fourth nitrile balata undertakes adding pliable but strong, make its are in assure to add pliable but strong effectively to adhesive while, increase the cross-linking density of adhesive, increase the hear resistance of adhesive thereby, the normal temperature to assure adhesive mixes the contradictory; that balances adhesive tenacity and hear resistance the reaction of microtherm function and adhesive is active, the polyamide with choose tenacity and reaction active better kind solidify agent, choose accelerant of self-restrained amine of father's younger brother to raise the reaction active of adhesive system at the same time, join titanium white pink to serve as filling. Undertake by afore-mentioned train of thought adhesive recipe is designed. The watch shows the adhesive when differring for ATBN dosage 1 times via 80 ℃ the shear strength after ×4 h solidify.

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