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X - agent of solidify of 89A annulus oxygen is in the application in environment

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OverviewOne 89 A of X agent of annulus oxygen solidify is mix by phenol, formaldehyde multivariate amine condensation and agent of become modified amine solidify. Its the biggest characteristic is to be able to be in microtherm, moisture and even underwater solidify the epoxy resin of all sorts of types, function of its physics machinery, electric function can be achieved or exceed the technical target of congener product. Polymer is made in be being applied extensively at project of build and repair of irrigation works, electric power, chemical industry, mechanical, shipping, metallurgy, electron, national defence to wait for an industry concrete, anticorrosive, stick receive, the respect such as goods of glass reinforced plastics of oxygen of sealed shot-off of loss, insulation, chemical grouting, annulus. The article is after the basic parameter of agent of simple solidify of oxygen of annulus of Zhou Shao X—B9 A, function, emphasize the example that talks about it to wait for the application below harsh environment in microtherm, damp, underwater and recipe.

The basic parameter of agent of solidify of one 89 A mixes 2 X function
2. 1 physics parameter
The exterior is shallow brown and transparent ropy liquid
Specific gravity 1. 0904(PZ-A one 5 model liquid proportion balance)
Viscosity 1100 ~ 1200Pa·s
Refractive index 1. 525 ~ 1. 531
Flash point 46. 0 ℃ (the type that close a mouth) 75. 5 ℃ (mouth type)
Dissolvability easy dissolve wait for solvent at alcohol, Ding Chun, acetone, toluene, xylene
Dosage 2O ~ 40
Noxiousness LD5. Kg of 4700 Mg /
Period of keep in storage is more than a year
2. Function of 2 condensate machinery
Compressive strength 55. 2 MPa
Tensile strength 9. 1 5 MPa
Stick with damp concrete receive strength (humidity 1O)
2. 52 MPa(material is destroyed)
Shear strength (aluminous one aluminium) 19. 6 MPa
Vitreous cloth tensile strength (three-layer) material is destroyed
Heat is out of shape temperature 139 ℃
Cold heat hands in denaturation (one 5 ℃ come 60 "C 5 second) not craze
2. 3 condensate are electric function
Dielectric loss role is tangential (Tg8) 0. O1 6
Dielectric constant 3. 97
Bulk resistor (PV) 14×l0 N·cm.
Exterior resistor (Ps) 8. 1×10. N·cm
[Frequency puncture voltage (Eh) 3. Mm of 5 KV /
3 application fact falls

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