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The influence of agent of a few kinds of typical solidify to function of epoxy r

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Summary: The article was chosen at present the agent of commonly used a few kinds of typical solidify on home market, the application that had a system checks, the solidify dose that studied different type is right epoxy resin kind the influence of coating function, the solidify agent plan with epoxy resin applicable coating put forward to consult in order to offer everybody on the foundation here.
Thematic word: Solidify agent function of epoxy resin coating
One, introductive
The variety of agent of epoxy resin solidify that uses on home market at present is various, what narrate a function to also have the hyperbole of different level, and discovered many problems however in be used actually, how can just make the user chooses solidify agent product correctly, we made a few research on one hand in this, undertook from inside theory and actual application specific discuss.
2, theoretical analysis
Good to do this comparative research, we were chosen sample of representative agent of a few kinds of solidify had analysis and test, these a few kinds of sample are 593 solidify agent, T31 solidify agent, 651 solidify agent, 810 solidify agent, ketone respectively inferior amine solidify agent, NX-2040, to agent of these a few kinds of solidify, look from the introduction of document and data, from its theoretic analysis has the following characteristic:
593 solidify agent is 2 inferior second radical 3 amine and the child that addition of aether of butyl of annulus oxygen propane reacts, its structure style:

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