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The bibulous process influence to the dynamic and flabby behavior of epoxy resin

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The summary is mixed with phenolic aldehyde colophony second acid, the application of epoxy resin of cresol of adjacent of solidify of phenolic aldehyde colophony that fourth acid and benzene second acerbity ester turn says the serious way, scanning that show difference measures hot law and dynamic machinery to analyse law measure to study bibulous process the influence of flabby to the trends of epoxy resin behavior makes clear as a result, bibulous process changes the dynamic and lax behavior of system of solidify of phenolic aldehyde colophony to have distinct effect to phenolic aldehyde colophony and ester, because two kinds of systems are medium,this is side radical reachs as different as the interaction of water element be caused by to bibulous process.
Colophony of keyword phenolic aldehyde; Epoxy resin; Water imbibition; Dynamic and flabby behavior

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