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Supply level of ICS-17A electron leather belt
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17Balance of series electron leather belt

ICS 17A, ICS-17BModel balance of electronic leather belt
Balance of ICS-17A electron leather belt, error of dynamic accumulative total is less than ± 0.25 % , balance of ICS-17B electron leather belt, error of dynamic accumulative total is less than ± 0.5 % , apply to industrial business call heavy process control, if detect output, the ration that controls a product lades and monitor the situation such as inventory. Provide important data information for factory automation and modernization management.
Systematic composition
Balance of ICS-17 electron leather belt divides composition by 4: ICS-17 say to weigh bridge, say to weigh sensor, 60- 12CModel speed sensor and measure fast platen, 2001 say to weigh controller.
Say to weigh bridge
ICS-17 say to weigh bridge to there is quadruplet in jacket of parallel bars lever / 2 groups of bearing roller, use two sensor that help style intermediate bearing, side bearing is used outside without grind trunnion fulcrum. Overcome effectively slant the influence that carries pair of precision, this kind closes device is OK and shock-proof, moistureproof, anticorrosive reach preventive batch pile to accumulate, do not produce the issue that use blade device and bearing plant bring in harsh environment consequently. The girder that weighs heavy bridge uses rectangular steel tube, this makes whole say heavy bridge has enough tigidity, lesser self-prossessed, appearance to accumulate grey area to reach minimum. To assure the stability of whole system, meet an emergency of high accuracy resistor piece type sensor installation draws position at sufferring, in order to decrease nonlinear error.
ICS-17A says heavy bridge can install the leather belt conveyer in all sorts of different width to wear directly inside, be located in between fluctuation leather belt, do not take up dimensional height, it is a whole that already had assembled in the factory, can be installed quickly conveniently and calibration. Should say heavy bridge gets used to leather belt width from 400- 2000mm.

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