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Supply 60-12C to measure speed sensor
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Leather belt balance Measure fast sensor60-12C, 60-12B
Measure fast sensor installation is in platen of ministry of leather belt tail, measure fast big diameter platen or measure fast gyro wheel to go up, measure fast platen / gyro wheel installation is in of return trip leather belt on the surface, disappear skids besides leather belt the effect that cause. Should measure fast type of word of sensor amount to brushs pulse generator without charcoal, when leather belt moves, speed sensor gives out a series of speed pulse, each pulse represents an unit length of leather belt journey, pulse frequency and leather belt speed become direct ratio.
Crust material is casting aluminium character, can suit to communicate pulse to generator does not need to adjust or change at outdoor work environment charcoal is brushed
Communicate pulse generator without carbon brush type, do not need to adjust, calibration, avoid maintenance
Newest flexible connection technology, assured effectively to measure fast precision, and the service life that improved facility greatly.

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