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Supply reclaimed rubber, fourth nitrile reclaimed rubber (entrance)
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Reclaimed rubber factory Reclaimed rubber price Reclaimed rubber pink Heibei reclaimed rubber Emulsion reclaimed rubber Fourth nitrile reclaimed rubber Reclaimed rubber of insipidity of environmental protection insipidity Butyl reclaimed rubber Reclaimed rubber of third of 3 yuan of second 2 Xi reclaimed rubber all is in different the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem Chinese reclaimed rubber netWww.chnrubber.comLimited company of golden movement reclaimed Contain glue to measure tensile strength to pull product of producing area of percentage elongation norms to pack model of remarks 60% 9MPA 420 25kg Brazil to seal model of black 90% 12MPA 480 25kg Brazil to seal model of green 80% 11MPA 480 20kg Brazil to seal model of gray 100% 12MPA 500 25kg Germany to seal black characteristic to be tasted originally it is good to have oil resistant flexibility the volume that contain gum is able to bear or endure high good air-tightness of ability in swimming is good do not have foreign matter price, attestation of ROHS environmental protection. Utility tastes originally basically use at the product brief introduction such as canal of oil resistant of oil resistant goods, belt, sealing strip, sealing ring, oil seal: 1 replace fourth nitrile kind this tasting reductive content of nitrile of propylene of active member component is butadiene and propylene nitrile 20 it is good that the left and right sides has oil resistant flexibility it is good to contain glue to measure Gao Naishui sex air-tightness is good without foreign matter price cheap need not plasticate advantage can replace major man nitrile former glue is in fourth nitrile, after joining environmental protection reducer, clipping of classics machinery high temperature, destroy balata element between sulfur bolts first, raise plasticity, add each other agglutinant. Because of,reduced fourth nitrile former glue thereby but model is spent low must the defect of mechanical plasticate, this product but model is spent assure commonly 0.3 - 0.4 between, propylene nitrile content is in 15 - 18 between. This tasting can be in of 100 benzine and benzene in mixing thing in all, immerse 24 hours, its bulk and weight are invariant, this product as former as any fourth nitrile glue is used or can use alone

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