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Market of double phenolic A is early a clew
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Continuance of market of A of domestic double phenol is low last week yesterday confuse condition, price respect continues fatigued and weak, mainstream price around in 16300-16500 yuan / undertake, lower below circumstance of the demand a low price that buy the home price is ceaseless also emerge in large numbers, discuss hasten low, downstream epoxy resin still is wait-and-see situation is given priority to, purchase slant little, interest of trafficker spec hype is light, of short duration pays close attention to the customs data that is about to publish and market trend closely. Manufacturer respect: Factory of the colophony that do not have stannum 16 thousand tons / year device of double phenolic A begins to drive, 25 thousand tons / year rate of unit go into operation is maintained 78 into, the product is main for private use, a few following row with respect to city export. Shanghai does obeisance to ear 110 thousand tons / year device of double phenolic A is maintained 5 lead into fluctuation start working, manufacturer is current advocate supply a few contract money, suspend selling external.

Outside dish the respect discusses hasten firm, at present outside double phenolic A dish continuously dish be in firmly 1820-1880 dollar / ton between CFRCMP, suffer plant overhaul and effect of start working of buy of downstream PC new clothes, power of short-term internal pressure is not great.

Of the market go for a time drop to make with bewilderment many businessmen begin to flinch, the interest that enter town is devoid, static need the coming year, and since nearly two months, domestic manufacturer is right of the market go power is complete also lose direct action, although the businessman has the idea that copy a copy, but to the market that at present bewilderment can'ts bear when sole also the heart puts hesitation, and downstream epoxy resin and PC market phase out into are delicate, of relevant product ECH go ceaselessly dropped to also be restrained be opposite downstream of double phenolic A purchase, of market supply of goods abundant and use up slow coexist, the market is devoid improving evidence, double phenolic A appears toward this lower confused condition develops.


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