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Beijing metaphase: PTA day was judged on December 24
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On December 24, period price of PTA of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange goes high considerably. Price of brunt TA0803 contract measures Qi Sheng. Maintain a warehouse relatively soared on December 21 10848 hands. This agreement now with 7082 yuan of open quotation, highest 7362 yuan, lowest 7082 yuan, closing quotation 7260 yuan, relatively settle accounts price rose on December 21 182 yuan, clinch a deal measure 177712 hands, the quantity that maintain a warehouse is 95748 hands.

Change of respect of merchandise on hand is not big, inside dish general and high grade mainstream shows PTA cargoboat board quote is in 6800-6850 yuan / ton, boat of cash of merchandise on hand board delivery clinchs a deal valence 6750-6800 yuan / or so tons. Outside dish stage Han merchandise on hand quotes commonly in 825-830 dollar / ton, clinch a deal horizontal value is in 820 dollars / ton around. Although futures price rebounds considerably, but from at present spot market looks, before exhausted weak situation did not change. Overall hold smooth position. Predict this kind of demand year ago is low fan, clinch a deal weak condition still will last.

PTA period price goes up after open quotation now strong tall, 5 days are broken through during with 10 days all line obstruction. Touch in period price 20 days all price of line later period stopped to rise, call in before closing quotation the share rises. Period price rises now situation swift and fierce, for latter and scarce. Spot market although sound of early days occurrence inquiry, but supply and demand is at present exhausted weak structure has not seen apparent change. In the meantime, after period price pours fast fall after a rise, fall in again drop of the passageway on near the edge, indication market pressure still exists. So, did not see in main area before starting, period price goes up to make press press. But now go force is main the space of be issued to lower levels of the city after limitting PTA period price. So near future short line is participated in give priority to, wait to make machine of a long time.


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