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Market of annulus oxygen chloric propane is early a clew
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Zhou Chu, market of chloric propane of domestic annulus oxygen continues to appear low confuse next defeat to go situation, market price case is extreme skimble-scamble, quote is messy, mainstream price trend at 16500-17000 yuan / ton, centre of gravity discusses tendency at low end, the businessman enters city interest few weak, face prices of close the end of the year to have a favourable turn hard and market of downstream epoxy resin also is behaved fatigued and weak, ECH market more show detailed list, trends of factory of downstream user much attention and market later period go situation. Domestic plant field, at present of short duration does not have new move, the part is in wait-and-see, price respect still is uneven, policy taking money each different. The market before predicting section still is to go weak to give priority to.


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