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International oil price walks along tall Shanghai sizing material to be lifted a
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Shanghai glue was shown on December 21 low an explore is low rebound situation, go up greatly in domestic metal market drive, shanghai glue is obtained prop up, go up with all one's strength strong technical pressure. Brunt agreement RU0803 with 22600 open quotation, close finally at 22795, rise 45 a little bit, clinch a deal 252240 hands, decrease a storehouse 5304 hands. Because American crude oil rises considerably, makings Shanghai glue rises the likelihood further.

TOCOM balata futures last week 5 close mostly low, but the low that touchs earlier oneself rebounds, because be in 297 yen " driving " prop up an around emerge in large numbers to meet low buy dish. Trade business says, market whole foreground still is held firm, because supply the spot market with insecurity and much interest to prop up, but the market needs information of new the sex that prop up to break through 305 yen obstruction at present. New TOCOM is fiducial RSS3 contract received a reply in June every kilograms of 302 yen, open quotation price is 302.7 yen. Contract received on one standard contract in May low 1.4 yen come every kilograms of 298.6 yen.

Crude oil respect, suffer on gasoline futures raise, and American data is propped up strong, futures of American crude oil last week 5 go up greatly even more 2% , price of settle accounts of contract of futures of NYMEX2 month crude oil raises 2.25 dollars or 2.47% , sign up for every pails of 93.31 dollars. (in card net)


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