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Market of double phenolic A is early a clew
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Reopen after a cessation of business of market of A of double phenol of the home at the beginning of week continues to continue low confuse posture, trade atmosphere is delicate, the market clinchs a deal valence around in 16500-16600 yuan / ton undertake. What the market makes state of mind of or so market again about the message of customs data is important one annulus, together with market has businessman low to cast goods to bring about enlarge of profit empty range ceaselessly, market state of mind is serious be thwarted, buy the home to still support careful and wait-and-see attitude, of short duration was not revealed go out to purchase do what one can apparently. The market is small confuse the gate that can't bear temporary difficulty, businessman of the end of the year is reduced greatly into city enthusiasm, in the market each just do not have obvious influencing factor to fall, as the still of big environment of whole chemical industry, predicting near future still is with dish give priority to infirmly.


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