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Ascendant trend of Shanghai glue whole was not broken, much sheet can continue h
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Shanghai glue glue is early now dish open fall after a rise high, small close low, go situation still lose at outside dish, midday dish adhesive plaster getting day moves concussion to go tall. Brunt 803 agreement are highest 22740, lowest 22375, end dish close at 22545, hold the storehouse is small to increase. Message face: According to Bangkok on December 17 message, thailand 3 smokeless film (USS3) spot price relatively rise last week, because last in heavy rain south of block up Thailand advocate the balata production that produces a division. Close moxa trade business says, crude price is held firm, raw material rises in price to be offerred further prop up, market makings is obtained supply, because produce business,release stock. Closing moxa central balata market, USS3 signs up for an ancient unit of weight of every kilograms of 77.01 peaceful, zhou Wu is early dish of end paragraph sign up for an ancient unit of weight of every kilograms of 76.65 peaceful, sign up for 76.7 peaceful an ancient unit of weight afternoon. Inventory of Shanghai bourse balata is August (except prompt day) since decrease first, indication home is draining reserve stage by stage. Technical area, day glue is defeated last week hind concussion goes up, continue to accept this world now, MACD shows gold across, at the same time column line attempt appears Gong Zhu, rise the space is opened, continue to leave high to go high now. Shanghai glue is after the concussion interval that breaks through 21500-22500, sufferred 23000 pressure to maintain concussion recently, weak at outside dish, and because the weak force before drops as the elapse of time dimensional drop off, at the same time technical index shows line of MACD index column pursues occurrence gold across has Gong Zhu to appear, rise impetus will come, last week 5 suffer 23000 pressure to receive back, but did not defeat on the technology, all the line is returned in order to prop up, at the same time the gold of 22200 is broken up prop up by force still.

Operate a proposal: Shanghai glue but integral ascendant trend was not broken, as the elapse of time, before drop the space is less and less, together with home stops cut, inventory is used up stage by stage, the trend rises to will spread out after 22200 positions are being cut on, much sheet can continue before hold, sheet of central line trend can be relied on 22200 till cutting position builds a warehouse. Scalar potential of the first eye 24000, scalar potential of the 2nd eye 25000.


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