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Market of annulus oxygen chloric propane is early a clew
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Last weekend mood of market of chloric propane of domestic annulus oxygen is delicate, the mainstream clinchs a deal the price is 18000 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal with accept more give priority to, in slippery below prices process, the plant goes goods to follow undertake with respect to city all right, clinch a deal to show devoid main trend slightly, the market is wait-and-see state of mind is grumous, look more empty, clinch a deal difficult to the limit of one's capacity of of short duration, what move through device ceaselessly in domestic plant near future is not stable and crop respect promotion is slow will stabilize the market, but later period is produced can enlarging the promotion with crop also is inevitable, ECH price can have a new fixed position finally. Although the supply demand relations of the market still is the main factor that decides the price is moved toward finally, but eye market still belongs to manufacturer dominant model, in demand of downstream epoxy resin the end of the year of fatigued and weak together with comes, prices has hard change.


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