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Purchase diapason paper
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The company basically produces: Strong model series: EVA rubber mat, EPE is filled up, not weaving mat, rubber mat, silica gel is filled up (silica gel) , mat of sponge rubber mat, the rubber that return power, cap mat, horn pressing is filled up, prevent slippery mat, stick cotton of mat, tall epispastic mat, pearl, sealing ring oneself, electric screen spacer, stick flannelette rubber mat oneself, PU balata, PU is epispastic, NBR is epispastic, PORON, PU handle, abb felt, be isolated from piece, insulation is fast cling to paper, highland barley paper, red meson, mica sheet, Mai La piece, china cypress piece, PVC film, PET film, PC film, PP film, fibre glass piece, paper of NOMEX fire prevention, art is stuck, EVA cartoon goods, entrance adhesive plaster (3M, day east, seeper of SONY, TESA, Japan, hi-Bon) guest waiting for era is strong model;

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