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Apply 240 million dollar of happy company to open plant of solid printing ink
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Applied happy company to open automation printing ink to produce a plant at was in the United States on December 12, 2007. By black and white print as a result of more and more typographer Wu turns to color to presswork exercise, so new the requirement that initial plant was satisfying the market to presswork to grow increasingly to color of solid printing ink.

The factory that invests 240 million dollar to hold water is covered an area of 10, 000 square foot. Be located in American Russia to strap ridge city Portland the space that the have not before this uses the Shi Le firm of city. Of new plant hold water make productivity of printing ink of solid of Shi Le company raised 10 times. Use as put into production of factory the whole line, apply happy company to expect to add 20 employee again, at present new plant already had stuff 75 people.

New plant uses production product of printing ink of solid of happy company newest generation. These products make chromatic printing ink pressworks OK first comparative with cost of black-and-white of black and white printing ink, this is the one big breakthrough of technology of solid printing ink. Through development of 5 years and research, at present form if the printing ink of crayon type piece had come out. As solid printing ink piece is used widely, applied happy company to had lowered price of its color black-and-white. Solid printing ink piece with chromatic laser product photograph comparing reduced the material waste of 90% , have inferior melting point, compare with congener product photograph, can reduce the sources of energy of 14% to expend.

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