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Project of paper of oar of Guangxi gold Guilin invests 2.1 billion yuan this yea
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Project of unifinication of paper of oar of forest of course of study will realize the paper of Guangxi gold laurel that start working built 2006 this year accumulative total investment makes an appointment with 2.1 billion yuan.     

By industry of golden light paper (China) finite liability company presses Hua Hui forestry of investment firm He Qinzhou town 95:5Oppose a scale, project of unifinication of paper of oar of forest of course of study always invests the paper of Guangxi gold laurel of joint-stock construction predict to achieve 7.926 billion yuan, produce per year 300 thousand tons of heat to grind mechanical wood pulp and card of white paper of level of 600 thousand tons of provision, year sales revenue predicts to be able to amount to 4.3 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 1.87 billion yuan. This project is main raw material with ash, predicting raw material forest demand will amount to 1.05 million mus.     

Next year, the construction that this project includes key construction paper machine workshop, paper to arrange the main body workshop such as storage yard of storehouse of workshop, finished product, log and equipment are installed, plan 6.726 billion yuan to complete investment, hopeful of plant of the engine that turn a starch is in the end of next year put into production.

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