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Project of unifinication of paper of golden Guilin oar completes investment 1.2
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Industry of key of area of economy of bay of wide northwest ministry builds project of unifinication of paper of oar of Guilin of project —— gold to go well. Up to ended this year in November, already completed investment 1.2 billion yuan. Turn the first phase project such as machine oar, hot power station each workshop is all already start working construction.

Total scope of project of unifinication of paper of oar of Guangxi gold laurel is 1.8 million tons of 3.1 million tons of paper, oar, plan 41 billion yuan to always invest a RMB. The project is divided period construction, first phase invests a RMB 7.9 billion yuan, build blanch chemical heat to polish mechanical pulp works one, produce per year a quantity 300 thousand tons of oar; Build provision level to block paperboard mill in vain one, produce per year a quantity 600 thousand tons of paper, plan to built 2008, become a municipality to establish tribute project 50 years. The reporter understands in the spot, turning machine starch is project of unifinication of paper of golden Guilin oar workshop of main product line, the spot of construction of 2 1 date, workshops that changing machine oar, everyday nearly 300 people are in work overtime undertake construction of foundation strong pound. Current, repair shop already built 2 to the ground, the roadbed of raw material highway that enters a workshop already had been spread, the first equipment transfers the paper that turn a starch entirely plant area. Predict to change machine oar workshop to be in the end of the year completes construction this year. Meanwhile, in the project such as network of the storehouse of plant of processing of hot power station, sewage treatment plant, raw water, stock, project that discharge the sea, road stars building entirely and be being advanced smoothly.

Country of Zheng Jin of manager of ministry of Wu of limited company labour, public department tells industry of paper of oar of Guangxi gold laurel the reporter, ended in November to this year, whole project invests amount to achieve 1.2 billion yuan, annual hopeful completes investment 1.6 billion yuan.

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