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Tai Gelin paper starts 400 thousand tons to presswork paper project
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Recently, industry of paper of Yue Yang of Tai Gelin paper produces per year 400 thousand tons to contain mechanical pulp to presswork paper project is started successfully. This project is to enlarge the dimensions of industry of Hunan Province papermaking, priority discipline that optimizes papermaking industry structure to have core competition ability extremely, after this project builds, paper group produces Tai Gelin can will achieve 2 million tons or so.

This project is Hunan Province 2007 “ double 100 ” project and key construction project, always invest 2.57 billion yuan, a top-ranking level paper machine, day produces the international that introduces 2 to produce per year 200 thousand tons of paper each 550 tons have international the waste paper of advanced level takes off product line of Chinese ink oar, still build form a complete set day to handle dimensions to be the sewage disposal project of 60 thousand stere additionally, and pyroelectricity couplet produces an item.

This project already was evaluated at the environmental influence that the first ten days of a month carried total bureau of national environmental protection smoothly in November, it is one is decreased with bringing old, increase production newly corrupt project, project cleanness productivity amounts to international advanced level, among them: Ton fresh water is less than paper bad news 8m3, ton paper is integrated specific power consumption under coal of 620 Kg mark, ton discharge capacity of paper liquid waste is less than 6m3, ton paper COD produces an amount under 18kg, utilization rate of white boiler circulation is more than 90%% . The raw material boiler that pyroelectricity couplet produces can use litter of the papermaking that make a starch every year 182 thousand tons, it is benefit of an economic benefits, environmental protection and social benefit “ the 3 projects that win ” .

This project is built period for 18 months, after put into production, produce per year paper and paper to taste amount to 400 thousand tons of above, predict 2.88 billion yuan to be able to achieve year of sales revenue, offer opportunity of 5000 many obtain employment for relevant industry.

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