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First major of Chinese is super control go into operation of complete of machine
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Shandong east garden of battalion city Hua Tai industry, on November 25, 2007 afternoon 15:53, first major of Chinese is super press product of machine-glazed paper product line to get offline successfully, indicating industry of paper of Hua Tai of all alone of Si Daola favour is joint-stock the project is formal complete put into production. This calculates from project project approving case only 15 months, shifted to an earlier date than setting a target beforehand two half-moon time are great complete, the project gained glorious victory.

The construction achievement of such high quality, high rate is two big forest of advantage of combination of paper industry giant reflect. What Si Daola favour alls alone the group has number 10 years is super press machine-glazed paper to produce experience, begin from the project, expedited powerful expert group to throw project construction from Europe, they brought mature technology and rich production to carry out experience; In the meantime, the project construction experience that China peaceful group abounds in home is a project the safeguard with great the strongest progress. Newborn is joint-stock the project is located in Shandong to save east area of garden of battalion city Hua Tai industry, here is the newspaper production base with the largest whole world, establishment of perfect form a complete set makes project from began to have dimensions advantage, natural resources of substantial person property mainland, more be duped to take seriously of ground government and layer of both sides management highly with support, each, it is indispensable crucial factor. All advantages seize a power, a power that cannot check, let a project step solid the first pace.

Our group bear wears “ huge liability while, also bearing enormous pressure, the project of such dimensions should be finished inside so short time in Si Daola the group returns Ensuoji is first, the colleague that the market sells also asks we as soon as possible put into production, having again is well-known Beijing Olympic Games is about to hold the ingredient that wait a moment. What ” project manager Mr Malete spoke him is deep-felt experience, we finished “ outstandingly now the task, but honest ground is told, original I also dare not believe we can be in November complete. This should be attributed to us each group members, experience of the indefatigable effort that is them, knowledge and group efforts spirit made our career. The atmosphere of the group is cheering each person, in this ‘ the job of ’ of the army that cross a state experiences the fortune that is lifetime. ”

Super press paper of notes of cloth of besmear of machine-glazed paper dispute, have presswork exceedingly goodly quality and reliable moving function. Super pressing EnviPress of machine-glazed paper brand is group of all alone of Si Daola favour one of brand of paper of subordinate and numerous records, be applied extensively in global market, apply to high quality big batch presswork, advertisement of manual of magazine of guide of foldout of the advertisement conduct propaganda that is like retail trade, newspaper, TV, big circulation, product, straight mail, supplement and gift package are waited a moment. Be in China, enviPress will enable Yue of “ of Chinese registered trade mark to imprint (TM)” . Super the applied history that presses machine-glazed paper exceeds 50 years, 7 years global dosage predicts to exceed 7.3 million tons. As China forest the development of paper industry, the demand that use paper not only sheer quantity is in growth, paper is planted choose also be sure more refine. “ Yue imprints (the distinct advantage that TM)” depends on oneself, presswork in contented high quality requirement while, will bring stronger competitive dominant position to the user. The first major of Chinese is super the go into operation that controls machine-glazed paper product line, be sure the vitality with new infuse of Chinese papermaking course of study.
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