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3 projects invest industry of Jing Xing paper 82.5 million yuan
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Announcement weighs industry of Jing Xing paper now, the company will buy line of business of paper of Zhejiang day paper limited company (next weighing ” of paper of “ Zhejiang day) , establish new company Zhejiang scene spy colour packs limited company (next weighing that “ situation is special colour ” ) , and add endowment dominate industry of Jing Xing paper of share company Nanjing limited company, 3 projects total investment amounts to a RMB 82.5 million yuan or so.

Company announcement says, the board of directors makes paper with meaning company and Japan company limited (next weighing that “ Japan makes paper ” ) , issue of trade of Japanese paper pulp company limited (next weighing “ Japan JP” ) sign about Zhejiang day paper 51% equity make over an agreement, buy the price to be 41676802.42 yuan certainly. Buy after finishing, paper of day of Zhejiang of company general hold 51% equity, japan makes JP of paper, Japan part paper of hold Zhejiang day 35% , the equity of 14% . After equity is made over, the company is in charge of the management of Zhejiang day paper in the round, japan makes JP of paper, Japan criterion will from Zhejiang day share out bonus wins in paper 30.6% pay to our company entrust running expenses.

The company still plans to start industrial investment limited company by scene of wholy-owned subsidiary Shanghai (next weighing “ Shanghai Jing Xing ” ) with limited company of big talk Qiu Yang trade (next weighing company ” of “ Qiu Yang) invest jointly 30 million. Go up among them seascape is promoted with cash contributive 22.5 million yuan, occupy 75% what register capital, grave poplar company with cash contributive 7.5 million yuan, occupy 25% what register capital.

The company says, this investment is the yield that is digestive company rapid dilate can, the plan accelerates executive industry to swim to develop the strategy outspreadly downward, the functional confine that breaks through traditional paper box promotes the additional cost of the product, change the condition of on the low side of interest rate of wool of box of current and traditional paper, lead the technology of downstream product market the innovation.

The board of directors still agrees with what limited company raises 3.3 million dollar to accuse scene of share company Nanjing to start paper line of business register capital. Among them our company with equivalence the RMB cash at 2.475 million dollar is contributive, company of GLOBALPOINT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is contributive 825 thousand dollar. Add endowment after finishing, nanjing Jing Xing wraps those who hold limited company to register capital change to be 5.8 million dollar, among them our company oppose a scale by original 70% increase for 72.84% , of Nanjing brew total factory, GLOBAPOINT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED hold a scale to be respectively 2.16% , 25% .
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