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Developing zone of Wuhan in relief patrol leaves build paper to taste content to
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29 days, paper of storage of Wuhan dragon hair tastes content to shed garden to be in Wuhan formal start builds development of economy of in relief patrol, paper is tasted after will making afterwards rolled steel, coal, commissariat, trade the course of study of abortion of the 5th old other people of developing zone of in relief patrol.

Dragon sends storage content to shed garden to send storage content to shed a company to invest 100 million yuan jointly by Chinese marine group and Wuhan dragon, the program uses the land 65000 more than square metre, use day of harbor of fine of deep water of in relief patrol to become, the waterborne dominant position that opens Jiang Dahai, taste content shedding to give priority to body with paper, the project predicts to built 2009.
Current, developing zone of in relief patrol already was collected with fragrance Europe plain company of products of 500 strong professional paper reachs the world such as industry of princely paper of group of group, Indonesian golden light, Japan to be stationed in an agreement, they will build in developing zone of in relief patrol enclothe China medium, southwest and paper of northwest finished product are distributing center center.
Content shedding belongs to in relief patrol in the program 6 big in one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two industries and area of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight garden important, already formed rolled steel, trade, coal to deserve to send at present, the 5 old other people such as paddy rice, storage shed sort, miscellaneous deserve to send content to shed investment to also just be about to enter halt. After area of garden of course of study of whole thing abortion is formed, Current,
This year, of harbor of deep water of in relief patrol take in and send out in large quantities ability will reach case of 150 thousand mark, the left and right sides reached case of 210 thousand mark 2011, surpassed case of 260 thousand mark 2020. According to the program, the near future still will invest 10 billion yuan, can drive many 500 business, form cover an area of more than mus 10 thousand, year 200—300 of income of creation labour trade 100 million yuan, the large substance that contains obtain employment of 100 thousand person sheds garden division.

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