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Relief printing is in Xiapudi builds chromatic filter plant inside factory of 10
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The “21 of factory of the 10th acting liquid crystal that relief printing decision builds at city of 堺 of Osaka government office in Xia Pu builds chromatic filter plant inside ” of century combination factory.

Xia Pu reachs price competition ability to improve a technology, announced attract the ministry material such as filter of vitreous motherboard, color and unit firm, and the infrastructure enterprise such as gas electric power is garrisoned the tentative idea of same plant area (consult this station reports) . Relief printing is approve of this tentative idea, after becoming afterwards big Japan to presswork the 2nd chromatic filter factory that announces to garrison factory of 21 centuries combination.

The investment of relief printing is 42 billion yen about, the biggest productivity is every months 36 thousand. Fell investment through the concerned business such as probe project, equipment, material, building lowest. The factory will guide photoetching manufactures a technology, strive for at 2009 year put into production.

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