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Zhan Jiang morning cries project of 700 thousand tons of wood pulp is expected s
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The reporter cried in Zhan Jiang morning on November 24 limited company understands oar paper, project of 700 thousand tons of wood pulp prepares the Zhan Jiang of fetching attention each in working to undertaking in insecurity, be expected this year formal start builds the base.

It is reported, zhan Jiang the large nation priority discipline that project of 700 thousand tons of wood pulp is approval of classics the State Council, it is the country is advanced forest, the major project that unifinication of oar, paper builds. Project design dimensions blanchs sulfate hardwood pulp to produce per year 700 thousand tons, form a complete set is built fast give birth to base of high yield forest 3 million mus, the plan always invests 9.4 billion multivariate, evaporate boils the sulfate of feebleminded bad news with introduce international to go up advanced and mature craft and equipment, use belt cold in season to put, in thick close choose, two paragraphs of oxygen take off Mu Su technology and light ECF4 paragraph blanch craft. The black liquor that make a starch sends entirely alkaline reclaim processing, reclaim alkaline use at controlling oar production entirely. The litter that oar factory produces uses as entirely fuel generates electricity heat addition, after a few liquid waste that the project generates, waste residue passes processing, its discharge index to achieve international advanced standard, the deepness that implementation resource uses is changed, the stair that forms resource uses industrial chain circularly.

According to introducing, this purpose is carried out, be helpful for enhancing an enterprise to be able to expand capacity continuously, what southern and substantial forestry natural resources makes full use of to have agricultural construction and raw material industry to the country in the meantime is strategical adjust have major strategy sense, develop to economy of Zhan Jiang place and protective forest natural resources, defend zoology resource, maintain fountainhead of natural environment, self-restraint to wait to also promote generation actively action, have favorable social beneficial result and zoology beneficial result.

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