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Japanese prince controls go into operation of plant of paper Jiangsu Nantong
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According to " news of day classics industry " 26 days of reports, the management policy that company of Japanese princely papermaking held recently explained to the new plant that is in Chinese Nantong is announced to build a plan on the meeting.

According to the report, the new plant that princely papermaking is in Nantong will on November 26 start working is built, equipment of the first papermaking will press plan put into production 2010, time of put into production of the 2nd equipment from original plan 2012 remit to 2015, but facilities of kraft oar production will shift to an earlier date one year to reached the designated position 2011.

It is reported, equipment of the 2nd papermaking delivers this plant completely postpartum, the factory pressworked to will achieve 800 thousand tons with the crop of paper 2016, strive to ensure in the China that grows continuously the market owns the market share of 11 % . Xiao Tian of president of princely papermaking company and long say: “ regards the supply of whole Asia market as the center, chinese value is increasing ceaselessly. ”

The report points out, through producing pulp oneself, princely papermaking will have stronger price competition ability than purchasing the competitor of pulp from exterior channel. Predict 2010 put into production in those days, this works will appear 7 billion yen (1 dollar closes 108 yen about) deficit, but to 2012 hopeful make up the deficits and get surpluses.

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