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Qi Hechen cries invest 130 million yuan of 5 great skill to revise a project " m
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The near future, qi Hechen cries invest 130 million yuan, machine, self-restrained to 4400 paper oar, alkaline reclaim, flue gas to decoke removes dust, processing of middle water deepness undertakes transforming, farther mining produces latent capacity, improve company riding quality.

To produce equipment advantage adequately, raising oar paper productivity while, protect exceedingly state environment, those who achieve economic benefits and social beneficial result is double win, can last of stimulative enterprise development, after Qi Hechen cries to be proved in the course, made the decision that ability of 5 big projects changes. 4400 paper machine and abstain oar workshop to transform after finishing, productivity will raise company oar paper nearly 40 thousand tons, year synergism beneficial many yuan 3400, can optimize product structure at the same time, promote a product class, enhance enterprise whole actual strength. To decoke of processing of middle water deepness, flue gas removes dust project and alkaline reclaim transform after finishing, day of company middle water handles ability to be able to raise 60 thousand stere, the flue gas after boiler is handled 2 oxidation sulfur content is less than every stere 400 milligram, content of form of solid of day processing black liquor 450 tons.

Current, 5 great skill change a project to already completed work of invite public bidding entirely, enter executive phase, predicting next year is full September finishing.

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