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The line of paper of asepsis of food of cereal of the biggest liquid state that
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Hui Erkang of enterprise of Xiamen agriculture bibcock wants to create miracle of ” of Meng Niu of the 2nd “ . Yesterday, the put into production of first phase of city of food of Hui Erkang east that is located in Tongan, paper of 37 worlds' most advanced asepsis of food of liquid state cereal packs product line to be shown before people.

Zhu Yayan of the leader that visit town, Zhan Cang continent, old Zhao Yang attends Hui Erkang put into production of first phase of Oriental food city, 2 period lay a foundation and Gu Li of new product corn appears on the market celebration.

Municipal Party committee of delegate of Zhan Cang continent, municipal government shows members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor congratulation. He says, height of municipal government of municipal Party committee values agricultural industrialization progress, exert oneself cultivates industry of a batch of agriculture bibcock. These enterprises are changed with promoting agricultural science and technology, industrialization drives a farmer to become rich together, main effect was produced in construction of socialistic new rural area, hui Erkang is the among them person that above average.

Hui Erkang is one of agricultural bibcock industries that Xiamen city put forth effort cultivates. Through development of 15 years, hui Erkang comprehensive strength ranks company of complete countryman battalion 500 strong, still be judged to be enterprise of bibcock of key of national agriculture industrialization, Fujian Province early or late management of quality of company of new and high technology, whole nation amounts to prize enterprise, hui Erkang brand also has the honor to win the honor such as ” of product of famous brand of China of ” of “ China well-known logo, “ .

Zhan Cang continent expresses, current Xiamen is new round span in type development, exert oneself advances industrialized, city to change, advance construction of socialistic new rural area in the round. Specific arrive for agriculture, should hold to “ both ends to be in namely the train of thought of the mansion, outer ” intermediate. Xiamen city plants key development high-tech seedling course of study and treatment of high additional cost sell line of business, outside cultivating course of study, aquaculture to be put in area under administration, supportive industry builds manufacturing base in circumjacent area, develop order agriculture; Continue to help actor up to help company of strong agriculture bibcock, drive construction of contemporary agriculture base, drive farmer production and farmer to become rich.

It is reported, city of food of Hui Erkang east covers an area of a face to accumulate 600 mus, overall planning floor area 20 much square metre. Current, oriental food city already built the paper of asepsis of food of liquid state cereal with the biggest whole world of put into production to pack ” of Gu Li of workshop ——“ corn to produce a workshop, have 37 worlds' most advanced asepsis paper to pack product line, year productivity amounts to 300 thousand tons of above, it is paper of the world's most advanced asepsis of food of liquid state cereal packs a workshop.
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