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Base of chemical industry of China peaceful salt leaves build 100 thousand tons
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The seventeen great mind that issues development study to carry out a party on the whole nation during, on November 8 morning, huataiji is round ——50 of first phase project of project of base of 1 million tons of ionic film 10 thousand tons / year foundation stone laying ceremony of start working of project of ionic film caustic soda is in east area of garden of new material of battalion economy developing zone is held ceremoniously, settle of adumbrative throughout the country's biggest garden of industry of chemical industry of chloric alkaline salt east battalion. This project builds form a complete set 100 thousand tons / year annulus oxygen chloric propane, its dimensions home the biggest, also can be in Asia-Pacific even the cogongrass before the whole world includes. At present China peaceful group has total assets 13.6 billion yuan, year the mechanism paper such as paper of manufacturing newspaper, culture 1.8 million tons, among them chemical industry has total assets many yuan 20, year of productivity such as chloric propane of oxygen of caustic soda of film of main product ion, hydrogen peroxide solution, chloric propylene, annulus 1.5 million tons, each product forms fluctuation You Xian to receive the industrial catenary of form a complete set, the product sells as far as to the country such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Argentina.

The domestic and international guest such as special, Belgian Su Wei attended rich of Xu Huacheng of American Du Bang, Japan, Switzerland project foundation stone laying ceremony; Li Jianhua of president of China peaceful group introduced a group to be in to leader and guest forest paper unifinication and papermaking, chemical industry, presswork the development that waits for industrial catenary respect builds a case, cause greeting decline; Minister of ministry of career of film of exchange of company limited of Xu Huacheng chemistry of He Bai of general manager of operation of district of Asia-Pacific of white science and technology of American Du Bangtai, Japan is monochromatic acute hearing make a speech respectively early or late, to group of China peaceful chemical industry span development expresses admiration, the cooperative foreground to both sides is confident at the same time. He Bai expresses in the speech: The connection indestructible between “ Hua Tai and Du Bangzhi, I feel to can share a so important day jointly with Hua Tai excited and proud! He says ” , “ comes two years, we feel Hua Tailing respect and respect, the person that because they are of Chinese papermaking and chemical course of study,above average not just, because they and we are having,still make much samer core viewpoint of value. We are certain, huataihui is the model that Du Bangcheng establishs plant of titanium white pink and teacher. ”

As we have learned last year April, china peaceful chemical industry is on the foundation of mutual benefit of conditional reciprocity, mutually beneficial, with the world Du Bang company of United States of —— of 500 strong companies signed cooperative intent, intent book is affirmatory, to Du Bang by China peaceful chemical industry the company is beyond its mainland the biggest investment project —— east project of pink of battalion titanium white, supply caustic soda, fluid directly through conduit chloric, hydrochloric acid and vapour. 500 thousand tons / year Hua Tai is form a complete set of project of pink of titanium white of Du Bangdong battalion to build project of ionic film caustic soda, also be country's at present biggest sheet covers chloric alkaline item, have the outstanding advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection, safety. This project plans to invest 5 billion yuan, program area 3000 mus, rely on east battalion and the circumjacent crude salt with rich area and advantage of subterranean bittern resource, introduce the equipment of world top-ranking technology such as Japan, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, construction total dimensions is 1 million tons / year, among them dimensions of construction of first phase project is 500 thousand tons, at the same time form a complete set builds 100 thousand tons / year annulus oxygen chloric propane, 200 thousand tons / year hydrogen peroxide solution, 100 thousand tons / year annulus oxygen propane, 120 thousand tons / year organic silicon reachs 100 thousand tons / year aniline 5 big projects.
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