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Horizontal county autograph makes an appointment with exposition of middle east
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In — of the 4th China east commerce of investment of alliance exposition Nanning negotiates in the meeting, horizontal county height takes seriously, move together up and down, achieved the new breakthrough that capital attraction and project introduce, obtain positive result of plentiful and substantial, sign contract project in all 3, contract amount 6.69 billion yuan.

The autograph makes an appointment with ceremonially, the product of series of titanium white pink that horizontal county parts to sign amount to be 200 million yuan with Inc. of course of study of titanium of Guangxi gold dragon develops a project; Amount to limited company of group of the trade that permit paper to sign amount to be 5.43 billion yuan with Guangdong interest produce per year project of mill of 1 million tons of paper, pulp mill; With Nanning Yong Kai industrial group limited company signs amount to use paper project for 1.06 billion yuan refine sugar, pulp, culture.

Horizontal county area the advantage is clear, in recent years, attach most importance to a dot in order to carry out industrial strong county, work ministry way in order to transform, strengthen urban and rural cleanness of construction of mechanism administration efficiency and “ to be versed in Cheng ” is chance, accomplish “ to break through ” new thinking, new move, new project, new client, newly hard, infrastructure builds division of perfect industry garden, solid do work of good capital attraction, “ was begun to serve activity of industrial business ” inside entire county limits, formed the relative a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, grumous atmosphere that brings business, rich business, built favorable investment climate, in current investment commerce negotiates the autograph came true to make an appointment with project quality on the meeting the effect with tall, big much project, effectively promoted the industrialized process of horizontal county.

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