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Jiangsu 9 vessels biology but plastic project start working builds degradation
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Jiangsu “ of 9 vessels group 20 thousand tons of biology but degradation is plastic formal recently start builds project ” , this project carries program by expert of Chinese Academy of Sciences instructor and chief engineer, after building go into operation, will be our country realizes live thing first but degradation is plastic and complete industrialized production. Come from the latest news of ministry of science and technology, biology but degradation is plastic already was labelled formally science and technology of 915 ” country props up “ plan priority discipline.

9 vessels group establishs Jiangsu in October 1992, it is “ country building materials of China of ” of company of new and high technology, “ ” of 100 strong companies and battalion of the countryman in “ ” of 500 strong companies, main industry has fibre glass gauze, fabric and its product, biology chemical industry, contemporary agriculture, already realized the product exit of 80% above at present. Jiangsu of ——— of company of member of group dominant industry Inc. of 9 vessels new material, cloth of fibre glass of special type of department country aerospace orders manufacturing company surely, national classics trade appoint key of grille of labor of fibre glass land produces a business, base of products of deep treatment of Chinese fibre glass, before economic integration actual strength ranks industry of countrywide Bo fine 3 years continuously 3. This year on June 19, liang Baohua's governor inspects the job in Nantong when, come to 9 vessels group on a special trip, the spot looked carefully at total investment 1. Kiln of pool of 10 thousand tons of fibre glass pulls the first all-electric melting of 900 million yuan home filar project, this also is our country at present the biggest homebred change draw filar product line without kiln of pool of fine of alkaline spin Bo, the target produces per year 2 billion yuan. Bridge protected Hua Xiang to all know the manufacturing situation of the enterprise and craft detail, exhort 9 vessels group strengthens the cooperation with place of scientific research courtyard and institution of higher learing, had done produce learn to grind union, accelerate technical innovation, for future development wins larger space.

While fibre glass industry gets great progress, group of the 9 vessels since 2004 points the live thing of ——— of environmental protection product that hi-tech content and capacious development perspective have on international but degradation is plastic, established group of project scientific research, invite expert of Chinese Academy of Sciences to hold the position of instructor and chief engineer. Come 3 years, the test that passes project technology personnel countless times and tackle key problem, in mix without off-the-peg technology data finalize the design below the circumstance of equipment, finished small try, in in try and expanding, try wait for a series of scientific research tasks, biology but plastic production technology obtains degradation major breakthrough, have completely industrialized productivity first in home. At present this project already declared a country to invent patent 5, practical and new-style patent 3. President of 9 vessels group considers Introduction Qing Bo, henceforth inside 3 years, will build in installment have the live thing that produces per year 20 thousand tons of productivity but degradation is plastic factory, the fact after total put into production is sales revenue 500 million yuan, profit tax 80 million yuan, swim to fluctuation stage by stage on this foundation the product is outspread, form finally with biology but plastic production research and development is degradation the industrial catenary of core.
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