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Day is right China project of the largest investment will be in Nantong mount a
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The reporter learns 14 days from Nantong municipal government, japan is opposite up to now China the prince of Jiangsu of —— of project of the biggest industry of investment makes paper limited company, won approval of Department of Commerce a few days ago, receive business patent formally, and will this month 26 days hold foundation stone laying ceremony.

Japanese prince makes project of pulp paper unifinication plan to always invest 2.7 billion dollar, make paper by Japanese prince company limited and head office of development of Nantong economy technology are joint-stock construction, its are Sino-Japanese square contributive 90% , in square contributive 10% . This project via the State Council standing conference discussed last year in July through, national hair changes appoint the nucleus sent ” of “ birth certificate. The project that Bencishi uses always invests 1.954 billion dollar, register capital gold 912 million dollar, main construction content produces per year the product line of high-grade art paper that product line of 714 thousand tons of wood pulp produces per year 400 thousand tons respectively with 2 for 1, form a complete set builds 50 thousand tons of class and commercial and transportation center of 25 thousand tons of class each one, a heat and power plant and a sewage treatment plant. It is reported, this project will 2010 second half of the year begins production to presswork with paper.

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