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The most large-scale waste paper takes off the world Hunan of product line of Ch
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The world's most large-scale waste paper takes off product line of Chinese ink oar 13 days to lay a foundation in open go into operation of Hunan high mountain.

Differ with the conventional means that uses papermaking of bulrush, forest before, this day produces 550 tons product line place to need raw material to all be office waste paper, solved not only before the resource that papermaking industry is faced with is in short supply problem, can reduce pollution greatly more.

Introduce the Inc. of industry of Yue Yang paper of this product line, it is China industry of paper of Lin Ban oar is gotten army enterprise the holding company of follower of group of Tai Gelin paper. 2 6 years 00 in August, hunan Province hair changes appoint permissive its construction produces per year 400 thousand tons to contain mechanical pulp to presswork paper project.

This project always invests 2.57 billion yuan of RMBs, construction content includes: The paper machine that one running water makes the same score the international that introduces two to produce per year 200 thousand tons each; Introduce a day to produce 550 tons to have international the waste paper of advanced level takes off product line of Chinese ink oar; The construction pyroelectricity couplet that has form a complete set additionally produces project and day processing dimensions to be the sewage disposal project of 60 thousand stere.

Guo Yong of chief engineer of Inc. of industry of Yue Yang paper is the introduction, after project put into production, year paper and paper taste crop to achieve 400 thousand tons of above, can achieve year of sales revenue 2.88 billion yuan, drive relevant industry GDP to grow eight hundred and twenty million one hundred and thirty thousand eight hundred and sixteen yuan or so, offer opportunity of more than 5000 obtain employment for relevant industry.

It is current that day produces 550 tons waste paper to take off product line of Chinese ink oar the world is the most large-scale. Professional personage thinks, with office waste paper the oar that take off Chinese ink is the environmental protection that main raw material manufactures paper, not only cost is low, can obtain green attestation more, be opposite with international directly receive, to can last of Chinese papermaking course of study development walked out of a new approach.

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