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Build start working of new project of industry of Ning Jiashun paper to build
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Recently, eleventh the autograph of CIFIT makes an appointment with a project to build peaceful county fine material of limited company environmental protection second birth uses suitable paper industry circularly paper tastes treatment project to hold start working celebration.

Fine suitable paper industry limited company, department all the foreign trader that the mouth presses down capital attraction is solely invested enterprise. Material of environmental protection second birth uses paper to taste treatment project circularly, always invest dimensions 3.5 million dollar, the program covers an area of a face to accumulate 23 mus, workshop floor area 8600 square metre. After project building, year production machines 10 thousand tons of high-grade wrapping paper, jade to buckle paper of paper, face tissues, folklore to wait; Can induct local labour force 200 more than person, realize production value 60 million yuan, ability of carry out of unripe produce and sale will obtain the complete product that save paper large company standard.

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