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Beijing pressworks force of labor of the base that pack is waited for send inves
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With Guangdong, Shanghai, Wen Zhoulong harbor and other places already had many domestic building to presswork photograph of the base that pack is compared, area of annulus Bohai Sea pressworks take Beijing of central city —— , its presswork the base that pack builds opposite lag, at present still of neither one building presswork the base that pack.

2006, bureau of Beijing labour hurried entrusts city to wrap assist organized Beijing to imprint packet of base survey, those who use time of half an year to fall to Beijing administer is suitable justice, conciliatory, go in for sth in a large scale, connect city, Chang Ping, close cloud to wait to already prepared to construct imprint the region of packet of base undertook survey, concerned data shows, beijing construction imprints bag base has good base, among them, annual produce of the treatment of developing zone of dwell of Beijing conciliatory wild goose that pack amounts to company of Pearl River of many yuan of 30; will telling a state, investment is huge endowment, development collect imprints on the west packet of base, arrange justice Zhao whole camp to served as area of C of day Zhu developing zone to introduce chemical industry, person teaching to wait publish presswork enterprise.

As we have learned, at present some base are in ask for the ground, newspaper to approve, remove, phase handling card. The " Beijing that covers an area of a face to accumulate 500 mus pressworks city " sponsors just be in announced on " of news briefing of " the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day on January 26, 2007:  of trade Ju Ya vases first phase project of? of ぷ of urgent abdomen of Shan eight Mi will 2007 the copy is complete.

In addition, committee of management of division of garden of government of the district that tell a state and the Beijing that investment of Beijing Pearl River develops limited company to be made together are packed. Presswork industrial base, the program covers an area of 15 square kilometer, first phase project 2.45 square kilometer, 6 years this base appears at Shanxi Taiyuan 5 provinces city (area) presswork city of head of trade annual meeting, Shan the 3rd plastic presswork the exposition that pack, Guangdong pressworks annual meeting of duplicate trade association, thirteenth Shanghai international pressworks the conference such as fair of wrapping paper trade and exhibit in the meeting, first phase project enrols business to had been started in the round.

As north imprint south paper economy of circle of the Bohai Sea that reach annulus forms development, beijing pressworks the course of study that pack becomes the near future to invest heat, beijing government also comes on stage about giving aid to good policy of interest of originality property base, regard city as industry and culture industry, beijing of —— of seat of political culture center, presswork the industry that pack is being waited for in labor force hair.
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