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Di Siman builds product line of colophony of ability in swimming

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Group of royal Di Siman announced Holand recently, the Di Siman that will invest Yu Andong of v/arc be on the throne of 200 million yuan of RMBs amounts to synthetic resin company to build product line of colophony of acrylic acid of an ability in swimming first, predict the 2nd quarter built go into operation 2008. This will be Di Siman the product line of colophony of first ability in swimming of China of locate of Li Kangshu fat.

Fat of Kang Shu of Di Siman benefit is the supplier of special type colophony with banner whole world, main and dedicated at high-powered product. Although China is current scale of market of colophony of special type ability in swimming is not large, but perspective is very wide. Di Siman is mixed in industrial carpentry to special type colophony the application of metallic coating, adhesive and printing ink domain is full of expect.

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