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"Zijingang tape" by the comments of provincial high-tech enterprises
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Yesterday, reporter learned from the County of Science and Technology Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department and other departments in the recently released its 2010 list of second batch of high-tech enterprise, the county of Zhejiang Zijingang Tape Co., Ltd. is one of them. At this point, the number of the county of the province reached 12 high-tech enterprises. Zhejiang Zijingang Tape is the production of running a car V belt, ribbed belts, timing belt, stepless variable speed belts motorcycle, combines, and other related products with the professional manufacturers, with the most advanced quality testing equipment and manufacturing equipment, has been involved in drafting the automotive V belt, Motorcycle variable speed belt, variable speed V belt of agricultural machinery, industrial use variable speed V belt and other 10 national standards, is the rubber industry's first shared "national SME Innovation Fund" and "national Torch Project "of the unit. It is understood that under the new formulation of the "high-tech enterprise management approach" and the "Guidelines on the management of high-tech enterprise," from August 2008 onwards, Zhejiang Province, officially launched a new round of high-tech enterprises identified. Identified by 15% enterprises can enjoy preferential income tax levied for a period of 3 years.

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