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Taped to prevent identification of Canbi business may reject the authenticity o
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Tanggu, who lives in the Gao Xiang went to a supermarket recently spending time at the checkout, Mr. Gao took him only 50 dollars, can be rejected but was cashier. Reason is that this 50 dollar bill, adhesive plastic tape, supermarkets can not accept such money provisions, Mr. Gao did not ultimately bought what he needed. According to Mr. Gao said, the day before yesterday, he went to Canton Road, a nearby supermarket to buy things, spending a total of 47, "I go out with 50 dollars when I was out of the laundry forget to tape glued broken place. "When Mr. Gao was with this tape stuck on the 50 yuan bill checkout, the cashier said, supermarkets are incomplete shall not receive money. In desperation, Mr. Gao did not buy into things. Mr. Gao may feel that this money is not broken, just a bit of plastic adhesive tape, why not accept it? Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the staff of the Bank of China. Staff said that according to relevant regulations, if two or more notes cracks in the length of more than 5 mm, or rip a length of not more than 10 mm are all currency in circulation. Paper tape stuck coin, easy to prevent identification of the authenticity of the currency, also are not paper money. Therefore, staff reminded the public not to use the adhesive tape damaged RMB paste. If you received a similar fragmentary notes, should be damaged to the bank's RMB exchange window.

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