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Tape affixed to the pipes 9 for next spring
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News in the end: "to root for one meter pipes push to regard so-called" News Flashback: Huanggu District Health Liyuan Li Yin district, home heating water supply pipe leakage occurs several times, each time missing, give maintenance personnel posted a tape, posted back and forth over 9 times. Next spring, was posted last 9 pipe tape to be replaced. At noon yesterday, Lee Sheng Lai Yuen district heating heat source side Articles person in charge of the company, surnamed Li, a phone call. He said the developer promised tomorrow, the spring area, on the home replace a unified water and thoroughly solve the problem. Heating has started this year, Yin house pipes, being only in accordance with the present way of maintenance. Lee said Lee Sheng Lai Yuen East and West sub-district, developers 盖楼, the home is not standard size pipe, heating companies do not acceptance. Huanggu District Heating Company was heating to the Office and the Real Estate Board reports have played, and later agreed with the developer, the developer should be home on the water pipes do not meet the specifications of the replacement, the replacement of the former problem, the staff from the developer maintenance. However, some owners can not find the developer, so the owners of heating maintenance in respect of temporary help. Lee Sheng Lai Yuen Western replacement of water mains have been carried out, the reports, the heating side to re-found the developer, the developer promised to end tomorrow, after heating, the Yin family home where the water of the Eastern the replacement, completely solve the problem.

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