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Glue stick tape out Four Seasons peony plum tour operators selling fake flowers
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Has entered the winter season, low temperatures can be Houshayu Town, Shunyi District, it was an itinerant traders selling one kind of season it can flower in "The Peony Plum", Shunyi urban management that was carried out immediately after the investigation. At 8:00 on November 7, Shunyi Houshayu urban management unit in the double-margin Avenue Houshayu during routine inspections found that the street had gathered crowd, he immediately stepped forward to understand the situation. The inspectors found in the itinerant traders selling a commodity, Dry roots, strange twigs, all of them also wore full of twigs, "bud", hawker gave it a tempting name from the "Four Seasons Peony plums." Field crowd of people told the inspectors, vendors say the plants are special, trained by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, both good and take care of cold, pouring a little water as long as the four seasons can blossom, a 10 yuan and sold. Urban management and players of the vendors sell items to check, click expose the liar's trick, to realize that this particular strain of plant roots and soil turned out to be the glue bonded, twigs and buds are tied with black tape to go, the team members immediately the presence of people exposed to this scam, and the hawkers back to the unit asked for some harsh criticism for its education work.

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