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Tape bundles of food to eat when to note
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Interrupted reporters yesterday in Zhengzhou, fruit and vegetable market in the survey. In Zaozhuang and latitude by four three-way two farmers market and found that only very few fruit and vegetable vendors tied with tape, and more using a nylon rope or rope . "Tape is too expensive, cheap nylon rope." A hawker told reporters. In some large supermarkets, the reporter found that there is a number of supermarkets selling vegetables being the case of bundled tape, adhesive tape or label viscosity are strong. So, these tapes, labels will affect people's health? Henan FOOD INDUSTRY Institute, an engineer, said: "The sticky tape and adhesive agent composition, essentially by the PTFE, PTFE Acrylic, and some, like formaldehyde, toluene and the like of toxic substances. Long-term consumption in direct contact with the tape Vegetables, are likely to have health implications. In theory, it is best not to eat such a strapping tape vegetables and fruit sticker. " The engineer recommends: Paper products can be packaged fruits and vegetables, and then use the tape tied. Or, as the farmers market as food with grass Shengkun, sturdy and environmentally friendly. When consumers buy food, the best to bring home Basket for easy installation mention.

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