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Heartbeat pedometer heartbeat measures a function, pacing measures an interval,
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Http:// 2008 year on August 19 15:36 business companies Number of heartbeat pedometer gift: Brand of MS-2032 gift: The quantity orders since IGIFTS: 1000 Pcs produces the name of an article to say: Model of heartbeat pedometer product: Characteristic of MS-2032 function: Heartbeat of plan pace function measures a function, pacing measures an interval, can install step pitch to measure calorie, can install use up caloric 12/24 hour to make time show pattern everyday, 5 kinds of functions display stopwatch function mode: (plan pace time) (distance stopwatch) (caloric distance) (measure a heartbeat) (the setting uses up calorie everyday) · product measure (Cm) : Data of case of 6.7x5.3x2.6 · (Cm):529 × of 5.5 × gross weight of · of 37(200 Pcs) / box (Kg):11.8 · is suttle / box (Kg):10========================In of limited company of development of beautiful science and technology of approach of Tianjin of orgnaization of ceremony international operation is gift of a collect, gift sale of design development, production the professional gift company at an organic whole, administrative group comes from Shenzhen and Tianjin, have domain of more than 10 years of gift to be experienced successfully, the path of course of study of ceremony of deep know well. Ceremony international Http:// has household & to live in; Healthy & hairdressing; Athletic & is recreational; Novel & exceeds cruel; Fashionable & science and technology; Office of business affairs & adds up to gift of 6 old series, satisfy high-end client requirement! The company all sets acting shop in Dongguan and Shenzhen, have special processing to OEM/ODM order, if fly a model, note state of model, PCB, IC to decide, SMT, product is assembled, character examines, content shedding. The company will be entered in all hand in hand with you wholeheartedly with good cooperative mood, achieve happiness in all tomorrow! Ceremony international passes fore-and-aft and perpendicular conformity in, casting " LME " , " Ling Mei " , " IGIFTS " wait for a brand, had served 500 strong companies of world of more than 10 above, obtained the market outstanding achievement that your person fixes eyes upon. Ceremony international is held to in " advocate gift international to watch " concept, by right of fast, safe, wide enclothed matter flows deserve to send a system, good sale access is extended, built it is a center with Tianjin, Shenzhen, the marketing network of radiation home and international. Our gift locates: Create valuable nice gift! International of the ceremony in why choosing? One, be in in ceremony international Http://, all gift all come from a manufacturer, leave out all link among, purchase a quantity bulkily to make we always can get the better price that offer money additionally. 2, be in in ceremony international Http://, we can bring the nice gift of real value for you choicely, innovation develops the gift that suits you most. Ling Meili tastes company website Http:// to devote oneself to to include direct user for broad client- - enterprise, organization (gift of product sales promotion, business affairs, literary joint performance, exhibit material benefits of souvenir of meeting activity, celebration, employee) offer high quality gift gift. We have more than 1000 successful gift gift! Greeting visit Http:// is OKer and online video sees kind! Concept of Ling Mei company: We make valuable nice gift only!
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