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The net fills abbreviation of stock of science and technology more the name is "
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Http:// 2008 year on Feburary 28 14:29 business companies

Ability of Cheng Ke of net of the first ” announces domestic “ Internet formally external, abbreviation of company negotiable securities is ” of “ business treasure from the change since Feburary 28, 2008, code of company negotiable securities 002095 keep changeless. Because appear on the market abbreviation of company change negotiable securities is relatively infrequent, the net filled modificatory intent to cause trade inside wide attention.

The net fills be business affairs of domestic industry electron to get bellwether, also be current field of domestic A stock market is only of concept of a pure Internet appear on the market company. 2007, the businessmen portal that Cheng Ke ability rolled out the net to be based on ” of alliance of “ industry website again reachs ” of treasure of business of search platform “ , initiated the mode of electronic business affairs of ” of alliance of “ small important passageway, it is a delegate that in recent years innovation of B2B electron business affairs develops our country.

Analytic personage thinks, in changing new ” of addition “ business treasure, it is a net the central website name of mode of ” of alliance of small important passageway of “ of Cheng Ke ability, in the “ that this website ever was filled to announce to be a company by the net ” of project of long-term development strategy. The net is filled more renown, it is a signal that its develop integrated B2B market deep.

The net fills trustee of science and technology to grow Sun Deliang to express, the net is filled more the need that the name is company strategy development, ” of “ business treasure already became the company's new development focus. ” of treasure of business of “ of instead of ” of “ science and technology, and “ net fills ” will still come down in one continuous line. The net is filled do in B2B domain do strong whole to develop the strategy greatly adamantine.

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